When someone dies, can they come back to see you (1)

When someone dies, can they come back to see you? Notice these signs

When someone you dearly pass away, you may feel like that they are still with you. Yes, when someone dies, their energy can revolve around you for some time. You are feeling that person’s energy. So, if that person wants, can they come back and see you? Yes, of course. Just not in a physical form. Let’s unveil more about this.

How can a dead person comeback to see you?

Once we die, we leave our physical form and takes on a different type of form. This type is simply like a ball of energy. This ball can travel throughout the earth, waiting for the perfect match to take on its next physical form. So, until this perfect match occurs according to the level of its frequency, it can come see you in this form.

They can see you all the time if they wish. Although, if they want to communicate with us, they can only appear in our dreams, channel in our thoughts and send random signs our way. This can happen if only they wish.

Why dead people don’t come back to see you
Why dead people don’t come back to see you

Why dead people don’t come back to see you?

When someone dies, they are roaming around the earth to find the next place for their physical form. Depending on their final intentions and bond, they might stay back to see or fulfill their last wishes.

For an example, if they want to see their daughter’s graduation, they might look over the daughter until her graduation happens. They might even help for that cause. But if they don’t have unfinished businesses, they quickly move on to their next existence.

But there are some ways that you could let them know how they are missed and loved.

How do you connect with someone who passed away?

You cannot simply communicate with a person who is dead. But like I mentioned before, you can let them know your feeling towards them. There are two methods of letting them know how they are missed.

  • Candlelight meditation method
  • Visualizing speaking to them method.

But these two methods cannot guarantee 100% positive results all the time. This is because, they might have already moved on to their next physical form, or even they can be out of reach.

You should never try to force them into seeing you because it can affect your life negatively as these energy forms can easily get attached. Then they will never want to leave and cause problems for you and your family.

You should always respect their memory and let them move on.

How can you know if the dead ever visited you
How can you know if the dead ever visited you

How can you know if the dead ever visited you?

Like I mentioned before, sometimes, people visit us when they are dead and there are few signs that we can see when they do.

Coming into our dreams

Sometimes, we dream about a relative or a loved one who are deceased. They come into our dreams and offer advices for our ongoing problems. This is a clear sign that they look over your life. If you ever experience these dreams, you should accept these advices and be thankful for them.

Be grateful for them, and you should wish them a happy journey and let them go. Don’t get too much attached.

Feeling their presence

When we are alone, we fall into a deep thought that the person we loved is still with us. With this deep thought, we feel someone is sitting with us or looking at us. This can be just our mind playing tricks, but there is a possibility of that person responding to our thoughts.

You might even feel like physical contact. This can be their energy touching ours. Acknowledge it.

There are some cases that we even smell their existence. For example, if the person who is dead always smell like rose perfume, you might suddenly smell their perfume coming around you. This is another clear sign that they are watching over you. Don’t get spooked, as they mean no harm.

Similar to the smell, there is a possibility of hearing them speak. Most of the time, these sounds are coming from our mind. This is the way that they can talk to us. People would say, that is just our mind missing them. But as of my experience, I would consider them as them reaching out to us to say goodbye.

If something like this happens, don’t ignore it and move on. Speak to them and let them know how you feel about them. Wish them a happy journey and move on.


Is it possible to see someone after they die?

There is a possibility to see people after they die, but not in their physical form. We might see visions like figures looking at us or talking to us. This is just them trying to say goodbye. If you ever encounter these experiences, don’t be afraid. Just acknowledge it, express how they will always stay in your mind.

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