Affirmations for Empowerment assist you in achieving significant change. These Affirmations are divided into 5 types of Affirmations. You can work with these different types of affirmations at the same time, or you can choose to focus on a particular topic each day or week. It’s critical that the affirmations you choose ring true for you, that they feel natural and appropriate. To experience this resonance, you may need to tweak the phrases in the examples given here, or let them inspire you to create your own.

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Popular Affirmations for Empowerment

Many common affirmations are lovely; in fact, many are pretty remarkable! They are, however, pointless or even detrimental if you do not believe them. If you repeat an affirmation that you don’t believe, it won’t make you believe it. In fact, if you repeat it enough times, you’ll develop a stronger resistance to believing it. Consider the following scenario: Sam is feeling helpless. He can cite a number of incidents that support his feelings and belief in his own weakness and unworthiness. “I am powerful” is less likely to alleviate his sense of powerlessness than an emphatic response like “Oh, no, I’m not!” Sam will carry the resistance with him throughout his life if he does not deal with it.

Using these five categories of affirmations systematically to aid you in adopting an affirmation that you desire to believe, but do not create a powerful process. If you want to say and believe “I am powerful,” begin by letting go of powerlessness, opening to the possibility of being powerful, affirming an intention and willingness to live in your power, claiming your power, and allowing the concept of powerfulness to integrate into your life.

The five types of affirmations are briefly outlined below, along with a few instances of each category.

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Affirmations for Empowerment: Releasing/Cleansing Affirmations

The goal of Releasing and/or Cleansing Affirmations is to let go of things that are no longer useful to you. They assist you in letting go of resistance in particular. They enable you to cleanse your system. Negative thought forms, repressed or suppressed emotions, old memories, negative ties with others, karma, dark consensus reality, and many illusions are all stimulated by these affirmations.


  • I give myself permission to let go of poison at all levels of my energy field.
  • I renounce old vows of poverty, celibacy, struggle, silence, and worthlessness.
  • For my highest good, I let go of everything I don’t desire or need.
  • I let go of my reluctance.
  • I let go of old programs that kept me trapped in old habits.

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Types of Affirmations: Receiving/Accepting Affirmations

Receiving and/or Accepting Affirmations has the goal of allowing something to be. They make it possible for us to receive good from the Universe. They are capable of reversing disease or other densities by neutralizing energy disqualification.

Furthermore, they assist us in shifting our focus away from disempowering behaviors like “getting” or “taking” and toward more liberating concepts like receiving, allowing, and accepting.


  • I am receptive to the Universe’s blessings.
  • I open myself up to receive abundance.
  • When I require assistance, I accept it.
  • Please, God, tell me what to do in a way that I can comprehend.
  • In all facets of my life, I welcome peace and joy.

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Types of Affirmations: Being/Intending Affirmations

Being and/or Intending Affirmations are used to help you ground your purpose, particularly your higher purpose. These affirmations help you become more aware of your intention for something or your life mission. Furthermore, these affirmations might help you comprehend your reason for existing and/or doing in general, as well as in a specific situation. They can be utilized to improve any and all subsequent acts.


  • I am confident that this is in everyone’s best interests.
  • I become more aware of the consciousness that underpins my actions.
  • My mission is something I do every day.
  • My goal is to live a life devoid of struggle, fear, and despair.
  • I recall this.

Types of Affirmations: Acting/Claiming Affirmations

Acting and/or Claiming Affirmations are used to materialize something or to direct the energy of your goal to the right manifestation. These affirmations convey the concepts you have in your mind and/or heart into your bodily experience. Furthermore, these affirmations assist you in claiming your authority and setting limits in your relationships.


  • I act with a strong sense of purpose and awareness.
  • In every word and action, I venture forth into the world to live out my mission.
  • Right now, I demand my good.
  • Every action I take is an expression of love for me (or freedom or mastery or hope, etc.).
  • I am a formidable opponent, deserving, endearing, and I am no longer bound by any obligations.

Types of Affirmations: Integrating/Embodying Affirmations

Integrating and/or Embodying Affirmations is about allowing the affirmations’ energy and meaning to integrate with your consciousness. Build your affirmations and thoughts to resonate with you. Rather of introducing fresh information, Integrating/Embodying Affirmations assist us in knowing more thoroughly — integrating — what we have learned.


  • My existence is influenced with trust.
  • I put love into everything I do: my career, my body, and my relationships.
  • To Life, yes!
  • There is a window of opportunity for peace now.
  • I take deep breaths, allowing my entire body to feel the energy.

Affirmations for empowerment: Affirmations for Lifestyle

As you work with deliberate affirmations more and more — written, spoken, read, chanted, meditated on — they will become a part of your daily routine. Affirmations are already helping (or hurting!) you. You can use these different types of affirmations for your own empowerment.

It is up to you to decide which ones you want to follow. Remember, you use affirmations all the time when you think or speak! If your present affirmations are making you feel powerless, you can change them to ones that you want to live by.