Top 5 Spiritual Forums of 2022

Top 5 Spiritual Forums

If you are following topics on spirituality, forums and discussion groups are the best way to learn. This is because you have the ability to ask question, support others, read articles and live others experiences. In this post, you can see a list of spiritual forums that are active in 2022.

General Spiritual Forums

  • Spirituality

This is the best Subreddit for general spirituality.  There are more than 300,000 members in this spiritual forum. Here they talk about topics such as transforming yourself, meaning of life and death and many more general topics on spirituality.

This forum is a great place for you if you are just beginning your journey and even if you are an expert, there are lots of new aspects to learn about life.


  • Spirituality and practice

If you are more into reading out blog posts and article about spirituality, then Spirituality and practice blog is a great place. The only downside of reading a blog is that you cannot get instant answers from the authors like on Reddit or Quora.

Spirituality and practice

  • The Spiritually Awakening

This is another Subreddit about spirituality. In this forum, you can learn how to be awakened under the forces of the universe. You can learn other people’s experiences, share your knowledge about getting woke from spirituality, or even ask questions from experts.

The Spiritually Awakening

  • Soul Nexus

In this Subreddit, you can discuss the nature of the universe and how you can benefit from following spirituality. There are almost 100,000 members in this forum, and they are more than helpful for new members, and you can learn a great deal about spirituality from here

Soul Nexus

  • Astral projection

Astral projection community is the largest Subreddit about astral projection. If you are willing to keep an open mind, then this forum can help you a lot about how to use astral projection to connect more with the universe spiritually.

This community mainly focus about astral projection studies, non-local states of consciousness and how to experience out-of-body phenomena.

Astral Projection

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