Spiritual Meanings of Running Over a Cat (Truth)

Spiritual Meanings of Running Over a Cat

Some people believe running over a cat is simply an unfortunate accident and there can be a spiritual meaning behind. In this article, we are going to discuss all the spiritual meaning of running over a cat and what can you do about it.

First, let’s understand what does a cat mean or symbolize spiritually and how cats were treated in ancient times.

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What does a cat symbolize spiritually?

There are different spiritual meanings behind different cultures. Some cultures like Egyptians consider cats as gods and worship them, while some consider them as bad luck.

  • Cats are seen as guardians.
  • Considered as guides of the underworld.
  • Cats are used to purify rooms before Pegan ceremonies and rituals.
  • Black cats are considered as bad luck.
  • Cats have nine lives.
  • They are considered as shape-shifters.
  • Chinese believe having a cat can improve owner’s life span.
  • Witches used cats to cause bad luck
  • Cats can ward off evil spirits
  • Associated with sorcery and witchcraft.

Spiritual meaning of running over a cat

running over a cat Spiritual meaning
Running over a cat Spiritual meaning

Running over a cat is a sad incident, even if it means a negative thing spiritually. Some people say, it’s just an incident and don’t worry too much. Actually, there is no agreed upon answer when it comes to the spiritual meaning of running over a cat.

As I mentioned before, cats are considered as guardians, and they ward off evil for us. Running over a cat can mean that you are making the guarding go away without knowing it. If you are trying to remove someone from your life, for an example, a relative, a loved one, then you have to stop, apologize and make them come back into your life.

This is because they can be your guardians and when you are trying to get rid of them, the universe sends you a message.

There is another strong belief to running over a cat. If you do, then you are considered cursed or even bad luck is following you. But I think otherwise. Universe does not want to cause bad luck on people, it is simply a guide. So, I believe the best explanation to running over a cat is the first reason.

What should you do if you did run over a cat?

Regardless of its spiritual meaning, you should do the best you can do to save the cat that you ran over. Yes, you may think this cat is causing you bad luck, but still this can be the way how universe judges you. Cats have strong lives. So, there is a strong chance of survival even if you ran over it. See that cat is still alive and breathing. If so, try to give it some water and rush to the nearest pet hospital.

If you have even a slight chance of saving it, you must take it. Like I mentioned before, regardless of the meaning, you should consider saving a life.

Spiritual meaning of seeing a dead cat on the road

Spiritual meaning of seeing a dead cat on the road
Spiritual meaning of seeing a dead cat on the road

There is a probability of seeing a dead cat on the road any day. Yes, there is a spiritual side to this, but there is a high chance of someone accidentally running over them and some people hate cats so, some even do this intentionally.

If we take this sign as spiritually, seeing a dead cat can be a bad sign for you. It can mean that bad luck is likely creeping up on you and the universe is signaling it to you. Cats are considered as life in some cultures and religions. If you see a dead cat, it can also mean some danger is coming towards to your life.

What should you do if you see a dead cat

Like we talked before, if you see a dead cat in the road, give the respect it deserves. You can even bury it. If you do not have time, you can at least move it from the road.

Okay, what can you do to the spiritual side? First thing is to be calm and go home. Relax yourself and if you are a religious person, you can pray. If not, try to calm yourself by meditating. These things can happen when your spirituality and vibration level is imbalanced. So, try to balance it by doing the below tasks.

  • Meditating
  • Gardening
  • Drink relaxing tea.
  • Listen to calming music.
  • Help others.
  • Join some charity work.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming running over a cat

The spiritual meaning of dreaming running over a cat may be related to your personal fears and anxieties. The dream may be a warning that you need to take care of yourself or someone you care about. Alternatively, the dream may show that you are preoccupied with negative thoughts and feelings, and need to focus on more positive pursuits in order to balance your life.

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If you have a dream like this, consider reacting to it. These dreams are very specific and try to remember every detail on it. You can write the details on a paper and think who or what it can relate to. Generally, if you feel unsafe after the dream, meditate and try to relax yourself. You will find the answer or the remedy to this dream when you are relaxed only.

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Final Thoughts

There is a chance anyone of us running over a cat. That does not directly mean that it’s due to the spiritual side. So, don’t always try to mark them as bad luck. First, evaluate the situation and if there is some mystical side to accident, then only you can consider it as a spiritual meaning.

For example, sometimes people see they are running over a cat but when then stop and look back, there is no cat lying down. On some occasions, only one person sees the cat getting hit, but others might even laugh at that person.

So, first evaluate the situation and if the situation is mysterious and no explanation, then only consider the above spiritual meanings.

I wish you all good luck and be careful on the road.

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