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What is Manifestation?

Manifestation, in its most basic form, is making desires come to life. Manifestation is one of the law of attraction’s main aspect. There are a number of manifestation methods for achieving your desires. Each method helps people in different ways. There are manifestation methods like Affirmations, Visualizations, Journaling, Scripting and more. As for this article, let’s explore the depths of Scripting manifestation.

What is Scripting Manifestation?

As we know, there are a number of manifestation techniques. Most of these manifestation methods require a long and sharp focus plus great paying attention power. In methods like visualization manifestation, we have to visualize what our desires and visualize our desires coming to reality. We have to spend long periods of time wondering in our mind and focusing on our desires. So, some may find visualization hard or out of reach due to low attention span.

Does this mean manifestation is out of the frame for those people? Well, no. while most of the manifestation techniques require longer attentions span and focusing power, there are some manifestation methods which only require few simple things. Scripting manifestation is one of those methods that only require a pen and a paper.

Scripting manifestation acts same as visualization manifestation. It is excellent for those who can’t manage to engage our mind’s eye. It’s a main component of the well known Law of Attraction. As we all know, law of attraction is simply reprogramming our lives into thinking that we have accomplished our desires.

Using the power of “future pacing,” or just picturing oneself in the future, the scripting manifestation method uses written words to bring a particular objective into your present reality. “You are basically altering the chronology of an event via your words and the vibration you are putting out,”.

Let’s see why you need scripting manifestation?

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Why do you need scripting Manifestation?

So, why bother with scripting? For starters, it’s a different way of manifesting for people who have difficulty with visualization or guided meditation. Furthermore, it guides your creative vibrational energy in a very particular manner.

Scripting manifestation lets you to completely tap into the universal energy of what you want, making it very powerful. It enables you to go deeply into your wishes and become crystal clear about what you want to create.

So, how do you get on scripting manifestation? To begin, find a pen/pencil and paper, or a computer, or even open the Note-taking app on your Tab or phone. After that, start your scripting adventure by following these easy instructions.

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How to Begin Scripting Manifestation?

Before writing down your scripts, you need to learn how to prepare for scripting manifestation,

Relax your mind and relax your body. You need to be relaxed from your work, family life and all your stress and anxiety. If you are working, then find an off day or If you are a housewife, wait till your husband and children are away at work or at school. If you are a student, find a relaxing day when you are alone. Likewise, prepare your background to be alone. You need to cut off possible distractions.

Now, calm your mind by engaging in a quick meditation session, relax your mind by listing to some calm music. If you are a person who likes drinking tea for relaxation, then pour a cup of tea for yourself. You can go to your most relaxing area of your house. If you have a garden, then that might be a good location for you to begin your scripting manifestation.

Sit down comfortably and write down your scripts,

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Important Tips for your manifestation

Writing your scripts in the present tense

Will power is a great thing. Setting goals is an even greater. In scripting, we have to put to forget about will. What do I mean by that? Scripting manifestation is not going to be successful if we write our manifestation list using future tense. So, how should we write our manifestation list? What is the correct tone of scripting manifestation?

Well, it’s a simple answer, your scripts are going to be more powerful if you let the universe that you are taking action now. So, always try to write your scripts in the present moment. The goal is to concentrate on the feelings that your desired dream reality embarks in you, and to use this creativity to imagine or scripting desired result and feel what it’s like to achieve it. Constructing your sentences with “I am” and “I feel” will reach you more success in your scripting.

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Example scripts,

  • I am proud of my success.
  • I feel proud of my husband’s promotion.
  • I am happy for my new car.
  • I am grateful for my health.
  • I feel amazing for losing weight.

The More You Keep Faith, The More You Manifest

Scripting, like other manifestation methods, will fail if you don’t keep faith in your manifestation. Put your focus into this process while putting out precisely what you need to accomplish to smoothen it seem more genuine.

The idea of this practice is to deliberately and artistically enter into the frequency, or energy, that surrounds your preferred world. The more you can immerse yourself in the exercise, the better. This implies you’re connecting with the energy of alignment.

Pay attention to the details, especially the little ones: What feelings did you have when you finally got your dream car? What color was the ocean on your ideal vacation? What is the make and model of the vehicle you have? The most important part for a successful scripting manifestation is keeping the tiniest details of your desires.

Example scripts with details,

  • I am happy that I got the car in red color.
  • I feel so happy for losing weigh using the diet plan.
  • I am happy because my company is getting sales from our new promotions.

what you want to give, you will manifest

What does what you give, you manifest mean? Well, manifestation is not only about getting. This law Is common for all the manifestation techniques, including scripting manifestation. What you put to the universe, you will attract.

Always try and help people in need. For example, if you want to attract more money with manifestation, then try and help people with financial trouble. This way, universe will 10x what you give. So, how can you use this theory on your scripting manifestation? Well, you can write down how you are going to help people when you manifest your desires.

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Example manifestation scripts,

  • I will help john with the signing bonus I got from my promotion.
  • I am Happy that I have the ability to help those children because of my success.
  • I can help Jane to lose weight as I find regular success with my diet plan

Important tip: don’t just write that you are helping, try and help people even before you accomplish your manifestation. More you help, more you attract.

Keep Past Scripting Manifestation Records and Go Through Them.

Keeping your scripts from previous scripting manifestation and returning to them after some time, is a wonderful method to keep focus on what you want to manifest. Consistency is a key to manifesting your desires using scripting manifestation.

Working to a regular plan and writing manifestations, whether daily or monthly, is transformational, and it also provides you a clean record to evaluate how you’ve developed and what you’ve accomplished. Maintain a record of your scripts and remind yourself of the possible reality that is accessible to you.

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