How to Manifest Your Hair to Grow Back

how to manifest your hair to grow back

Hair growth is a common problem for many of us. If you want to grow your hair back, you can use manifestation and law of attraction. It is very much possible to grow your hair back using law of attraction. In this article, we are going to look at 5 ways on how to manifest your hair to grow back.

Let’s begin.

How to manifest your hair to grow back in 8 Steps

I have put up 8 simple steps on how to manifest your hair to grow back. These 8 steps very easy to follow and quite powerful. First, you need to believe in this method and yourself. Remember, your mind needs to be relaxed, and you need to stop having worrying thoughts about your hair.

So, with these things in mind, let’s begin.

Ask The Universe to Manifest your Hair Back

The first step in any manifestation process is to ask the Universe for what you want. When you were a child, you had to ask your parents for ice cream to get it right. Similarly, you need to ask. Not your parents, but this time from the universe. If you really want more hair, you can receive it in areas you don’t want it!

Write it down and be extremely clear about the kind of hair you want and a desired timeline so you can obtain a good mental picture of it. For instance, I’d want to get a full head of dark, thick hair within the next year

It’s better to include as many details as possible. The exact color, the length and the time frame. No detail is too small.

You need to believe that your hair is going to grow back. Power of your mind is important here. Believe that you are in control.

how to manifest hair growth using law of attraction
How to manifest hair growth using law of attraction

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Visualize Having Your Dream New Hair

Once you asked your desires from the universe, now it’s time to visualize. So, how can you manifest your hair to grow back using visualization?

It’s pretty easy if you know how to control your mind. So, before trying to visualize, you need to calm your mind. That’s why people who meditate a lot can manifest things faster. Once your mind is relaxed you can start visualizing.

You need to dedicate at least 20 minutes for this process. The more time you can dedicate, the quicker you will manifest your hair to grow back.

Now, close your eyes and imagine your self with your desired hair. Imagine how you feel, imagine the way people look at you. Visualize and feel how you will feel when you have manifested your dream hair. Similarly, you need to visualize these details. Again, no detail is too small in manifestation. The more you can visualize the more you will manifest.

Make a concerted effort to be excited about your hair! Looking at images of models with great hair or prior photos of oneself with hair may be motivating for some individuals. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you can create the idea that you already have the hair you want.

Stop Doubting your step and start believing

So, this is when you start altering your body’s cells and thereby creating something new for yourself. It needs to happen when you believe something without a single question in your mind. Many individuals have been healed of ailments just by continuing to live their lives as if they were well and there was nothing wrong with them.

Keep in mind that your cells are continually paying attention to your emotional needs. If you’re unhappy and depressed, your cells will respond by making it more difficult for you to get out of it. Your cells, on the other hand, will react and change you if you feel strong, unstoppable, and healthy! Start expecting your hair to grow back instead than wishing for it.

Simply sit back and relax, knowing that your desired thick head of hair is on its way to you right now. The moment you start to question yourself and believe it’s impossible, it becomes impossible. So, don’t lose hope… keep picturing… and don’t be surprised if your hair starts to show up at any point.

How to grow your hair back with manifestation
How to grow your hair back with manifestation

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Stop Worrying About Your Hair

Worrying over hair loss is another major reason why you cannot manifest hair growth. First, you need to remove this nature. So, how can you stop worrying about your hair loss?

It’s quite easy. You need to stop focusing on it.

We all love some aspect of our lives, right? So, all you need to do is focus on that satisfying aspect. You will start to love your self back very fast very soon.

When you see your self on the mirror, stop worrying and you can practice visualization here. You can see yourself with your manifested hair. Imagine the joy that you will feel when you see yourself with your dream hair.

All you have to do now is start concentrating on the other physical elements of yourself that you like. Maybe the hue of your eyes appeals to you. Maybe you enjoy the way your skin looks? Perhaps you have a beautiful grin. Continue to concentrate on whichever aspect of yourself you actually like. Ignore your hair and concentrate on the aspects of yourself that make you happy. This will elevate your vibration, reduce bad emotions, and keep you on the path to manifestation!

If you want to stop worrying and focus on your manifestation, then you can watch this video.

Affirmations to manifest hair growth

Let Go and Let Your Hair Grow

The most important and last step is to just let go! That’s exactly… you have to remove yourself from the result and not be concerned with whether or not you regain your hair. This may be quite perplexing for many people throughout the manifestation process, since how can you not care whether you obtain something you really want? I touched on this in my essay about visualizing money, but in essence, when you are so focused on achieving a goal, you aren’t receptive to receiving anything.

You must let go of the result and place your whole faith in the Universe’s ability to provide. The Universe is the higher power, and it always has your best interests at heart. So, instead of stressing and worrying, relax and let that hair grow!

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If you’re inspired, take action.

When it comes to manifestation, many individuals are unsure if they should take action or not. It’s vital to remember that if something seems inspired, action is often necessary. Let’s imagine you follow all of the procedures above to manifest your dream hair or manifest stopping hair loss, and then you start seeing advertising for hair development goods such as particular shampoos and vitamins.

You should pay attention to what’s going on because it might be the Universe asking you to attempt one of these approaches. If you come across something or have an idea that feels incredibly amazing and inspired, it’s the Universe urging you to act on it!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even perform a quick search on the Internet. You might end up getting the best product for your hair growth.

Manifesting your hair growth is not always about waiting until the universe magically puts hair back on your head. The universe does not work like that; you need to flow with the universe. This flow will take you to manifesting your hair to grow back. Just believe and flow.

Affirmations to manifest your hair to grow back
Affirmations to manifest your hair to grow back

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Hair Growth Affirmations

You can manifest your hair to grow back using affirmations. Affirmations boost yourself up and help you to manifest your dreams. For those who are unfamiliar with affirmations, an affirmation is a positive sentence that you may repeat to yourself again and over until it becomes a strong conviction in your mind.

Affirmations to manifest your hair to grow back

  • Thank you for giving me such lovely, thick, and healthy hair.
  • My hair is lovely, silky, and strong.
  • My hair is unique, and I will not compare it to other people’s.
  • I am be eternally thankful for my hair.
  • I am proud of my hair and how it shines.
  • My hair is long, healthy, and grows extremely fast. As I breathe, it grows and flourishes.
  • Every day, my hair becomes stronger, thicker, shinier, and smoother.
  • My hair simply flows between my fingers and through a comb.
  • I’m free to wear whatever hairdo I choose.
  • My hair is lovely, whether it’s short, medium, or long, and it grows one inch a week.
  • I am capable of caring for my hair, which is perfectly healthy, and I am overjoyed and delighted to have my lovely locks back.
  • Wash day is my self-care day, so I’m looking forward to it.
  • My curls are stunning and one-of-a-kind.

When used on a regular basis, affirmations may be highly effective. They will change your thinking, and as a result, your reality.

While I meditate, I like saying affirmations. Because my mind is considerably quieter at this time, the affirmations have a much stronger impact on me. Simply say your affirmations in the manner that you feel will best help you and offer you the greatest power.


Now you know the correct way on how to manifest your hair to grow back. This method is 100% effective but you need to believe in this method and your self in order to make it work. Remember, manifestation is all about the power of your mind. Make sure you dedicate.

Maintain a high energy and begin to change your beliefs by using affirmations. Combine all of this and realize that everything is possible if you truly trust the power of the Universe… then take a seat and wait to see what happens!

Happy manifesting!

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