How To Manifest Your Dream Ideal Body? 3 Fast Steps

How To Manifest Your Dream Body

Manifestation is an amazing thing when it comes to experiencing. Simply, manifestation is about bringing your desires into live. Clearly, this takes effort and dedication. With these 2 factors, good vibrational energy and correct manifestation methods. You can manifest anything you want in your life. In this article, we are going to take a deeper dive on how to manifest your dream ideal body using law of attraction.

How To Manifest Your Dream Body
How To Manifest Your Dream Body

Why Do You Need to Manifest Your Dream Ideal Body?

Out of all the things in your life, you want to manifest a perfect body? Have you ever thought, why you need to manifest a perfect ideal body? Well, let’s dive into this thought together.

Perfect body is a dream for all the girls and boys. This is because with a great body you get the confidence you need for every moment in your life. For example, let’s say you like a girl/boy and you want to talk to him/her about this. If you are not comfortable with your appearance, then you are not confident. This is valid to every situation. For a business meeting, teaching, dancing, singing or any other thing.

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Yes, exercise and good dietary plan can help greatly for this problem. Manifestation is the cherry on top. So, then begins the real doubt, is it possible to use manifestation to manifest your dream body?

Is it Possible to Manifest Your Dream Ideal body?

The short answer to this question is yes. Manifestation is valid for every part of our lives. You can manifest a car, wealth, knowledge, people and even your perfect dream body. People say manifestation is a lie and can’t be achieved, but the truth is you can. Of course, you need few secret ingredients for this.

How Long Does It Take to Manifest Your Dream Body?

Let’s say you starts manifestation today. So, how long does it take you to manifest your perfect Ideal body? Well, as for my experience, it depends on the person. As I mentioned before, there are several key ingredients for manifesting results. Dedication, positive attitude, good vibrational energy and good manifestation techniques are some of them.

How To Manifest Your Dream Body
How To Manifest Your Dream Body Using Law of Attraction

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What Do You Need to Manifest Your Desired Body?

There are several things you need to manifest your dream ideal body which you desire. The first thing you need is a good manifestation technique. There are several manifestation methods you can use for this but the best methods for me are affirmations, scripting and visualization. So, I’m going to teach you a method using these manifestation methods.

The next thing you need is a relaxed mind. You can relax your mind by engaging in some calming activities. Engaging in meditation sessions, drinking relaxing tea, listening to music and doing gardenscaping are some of the things that I do to relax my mind. There are many more activities you can use. You are the person that knows you better, so do the things that makes you relax.

Good balanced vibrational energy. This is a crucial factor when it comes to manifesting your dream body. A perfect, balanced body is a hard thing to manifest, but it can be possible with a good vibrational level. So, what is a good vibrational level? And how can you achieve a good vibrational energy.

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There are many ways you can improve your vibrational energy. Listening to music. Exercising and reducing or not having meat are some ways you can do. If you want to learn more about balancing vibrational energy, you can read this article.

How To Manifest Your Dream Body
How To Manifest Your Desired Body Using Visualization

How To Manifest Your Dream Body?

Now, let’s jump into how you can manifest your dream, perfect and desired body. There are many ways on how you can manifest your dream body but for me this method was the one which bought results. My perfect body manifesting method consists of 3 steps. The first step is to writing down what you body wants to look alike. Then you need to visualize results. The final step is to workout and dedicate yourself for the goal.

Let’s see each step in detailed,

Three Steps of Manifesting a Dream Ideal Body

First step

The first step of manifesting your dream body is writing or listing down how you want your body or the figure to look like. This step is also known as scripting.

To complete this step first you need to relax your mind and your body. So, as I said before engaging in some meditation and relax your mind. Then be open minded, sit in a comfortable position.

Once you are seated and comfortable, take a piece of paper or use your manifestation/scripting book. Write the title “My Dream Body”. Then list down the way you want to manifest your body.

There are two keys to scripting perfect scriptures. Number 1 is to list many points and include the tiniest details you can think of. For an example “my body is so streamlined and perfect.”, “I like my body color”.

If you don’t know how to write scriptures and do scripting manifestation, check this article. It explains how you can do it perfectly.

Write as many points you can.

Write a list of at least 50 scriptures and the proceed to the second step.

Second Step

The second step consists of 2 parts. First one is to use affirmations and the second part is to visualize yourself achieving your desired results. So, how can we do this.

First take your scriptures from the step 01. Then prepare affirmations according to them. Now you need to read your affirmations at least two times a day. For my experience I found that reading your affirmation once you wake up and when you go to sleep are the best times for manifesting quick results. Remember read with confidence.

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The second part of our second step is to visualize you achieving your desired results. Yes, you need to see yourself in your dream body. This is going to be hard if you are new to manifestation and meditation. You will have to face interruptions from your mind. But with time you will learn how to overcome them and focus on your visualizations.

First step needs to be done only one time. But the second and third steps needs to be done regularly to manifest fast results. With that said, let’s move on to the third stage.

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How To Manifest Your Dream Body
How To Manifest Your Dream Body Using Affirmations

Third Step

Once you are confident and done with your affirmations. You need to dedicate yourself to physical activities. By physical activities I mean exercises, dietary plans and other ways to achieve your dream body.

So, now you will get the question, why do I have to do step 1 and 2 if I have to exercise and follow diets to achieve my perfect body. And the answer to that question is you have to work hard and build your confidence. No one is going to give you results if you do not deserve it. In this case the person who is responsible for giving you your perfect body is the universe. You need to show the universe that you are well dedicated for this course. Raising vibrations will help you reach up to the universe and when you do you need to show your worthiness.

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If you dedicate you will be able to get results with double speed from your physical workouts. This is 100% tested and proven. Not by unknown people but myself.

Trust in your self and believe that you can and then you will receive the results that you want.

Follow these steps regularly to manifest your ideal body that you dream of. I wish you all the best and happy manifesting.

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