How to manifest twins

Manifesting twins | Can you do it | Everything you need to know

How to manifest twins is a topic that most people are curious about, but many don’t know the details. This article will give you the inside scoop on manifesting twins.

You might not be aware of this but most of the people including celebrities use manifestation and some of them doesn’t know that they are manifesting.

After reading this article, you will get a perfect idea on how to manifest twins and create your dream family to live a happier life.

Can you manifest twins using law of attraction?

Yes, you can manifest twins using law of attraction. There are a number of steps that you can take to manifest such thing. Scripting, using visualization, reciting affirmations, removing negative beliefs and creating dream boards are some of them.

Yes, these methods are effective when manifesting twin, but the best way is to combine some of these methods and create an amazing process to manifest twins naturally.

manifesting twins with law of attraction
Manifesting twins with law of attraction

The process of manifesting twins

If you are looking to start your family with twins, you need to follow a process. I have created a process, where you will be able to manifest two bundles of joy without making a fuss. This process consists of three main steps. So, let’s see how we can do this.

Step 01: Removing limiting beliefs from our mindset

The first step in manifesting twins is to make sure that you have no limiting beliefs or negative beliefs. These beliefs may be preventing you from having twins. These beliefs are the result of old habits or limiting beliefs that may no longer serve you well. To overcome these beliefs, you need to program your mind for the positive.

Using affirmations is a great way to remove these negative and limiting beliefs. I have listed a few sample affirmations to help you remove these thoughts from your mind.

  • I am very happy to become a mother of twins.
  • I feel my twins inside smiling at each other.
  • Thank you, universe, for giving me these two bundles of joy.
  • I am already feeling protective of my two beautiful babies.
  • My twin babies are healthy, beautiful and strong.

As a start, you can write some affirmations like this in your manifestation book. Then, you need to read them two times a day.

First, read these affirmations as the first thing you do when you wake up. Then you can read them as the 2nd time when you are going to bed at night. To improve this step, you can increase the number of times you recite them.

Step 02: using visualization and scriptures to manifest

The second step of this wonderful process is to use visualization manifestation and scripting manifestation.

  • Using scripting manifestation to manifest twin babies

Simply, scripting is writing. In this step, you need to write about your twin babies. The first thing you need to do in this method is to find a relaxing place with distractions and write the things you want.

You need to define what you actually need. It maybe the gender of your twins, eye color of them, the way they smile or even the way they cry. You need to write every single detail in your manifestation book. In below, you can see an example of how it’s done.

scripting baby twins
Scripting baby twins
  • Using visualization to manifest twin babies

In this method, you need to lie and relax yourself from all the outside world distractions. To begin, try breathing meditation for 10 minutes. Now, you need to close your eyes and visualize having twin babies.

Like we did on our scripting manifestation, you need to visualize all the details about your twins.

For an example, you can visualize your pregnancy, the hard times, how your husband is going to treat you, the day you are conceiving and everything that you can think about your twin babies.

Try doing this for at least 20 minutes a day. It will surely help you on your journey of manifesting twin babies.

Step 03: Showing gratitude and letting go.

The final step of our manifestation process is to show gratitude for what you have and then finally let go of everything. You’re maybe wondering what do I mean by letting go? Let’s see it in detail.

First, you need to become appreciative of the things you have. Be appreciative to your husband, friends, family and then finally you need to become appreciative of the universe to giving everything you have.

This will make yourself as a deserving person for your twin pregnancy. By showing gratitude, you will send signals to the universe saying that you are ready.

Now, what did I mean by letting go? Well, letting go doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing these methods or remove the feeling of having twins from your mind.

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How to manifest a baby using law of attraction

Letting go means, you have to be ready for everything, no matter what happens, you need to be positive and confident in yourself and the manifestation process. Let go of your negativity, starting believing that you can and everything will fall into place, that you are comfortable with.


Manifesting a twin pregnancy is possible if you follow an effective law of attraction methods. The most important thing in any kind of manifestation session is to be strong, become confident in yourself and be positive about the method that you are following.

Don’t give up on your dreams, you can manifest your dream pregnancy using this process.

Happy manifesting everyone.

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