How to Manifest Rain Fast

How to Manifest Rain Within Few Minutes

Rain is very calming, and I enjoy everything about it. The problem with rain is it is unpredictable. But if we have a method to enjoy rain whenever we want, then it would help our minds to overcome negativity on our minds. If you like rain like I do, and you are not getting any rain, then you can try this method on how to manifest rain in 3 simple steps.

Can I manifest rain? This is a question I get asked all the time. The simple answer to this is Yes, you can manifest rain. All you have to do is be confident and give 100% to the manifestation method below.

3 Steps on How to Manifest Rain

Manifesting requires you to have a clear ambition of what you want. So, like any other manifestation, You need to have a clear mindset and good vibrational energy level to connect with the universe.

How can you achieve higher vibrational energy level?

Well, it’s easy, but it is a long process. You need to follow a certain process to gradually increase your vibrational energy. For example, you need to meditate, be nice to people, show gratitude, be thankful to the universe, engage in yoga and many more.

These activities are not required only to manifest rain. You need high vibrational energy to manifest anything. So, if you are new to manifestation, then I advise you to follow these activities for a while. Then you can start manifesting.

Okay now let’s jump into our 3-step process on how to manifest rain out of thin air.

Why you want to manifest rain
Why you want to manifest rain

Step 01: Clarify Why You Want

Like any other manifestation, having a clear mindset and desires is the first key to a successful manifestation session. You can’t achieve anything if you do not know what you want. Similarly, if you want to manifest rain, then you need to know why, when, where and how you want rain to fall.

First take down a piece of paper. If you want to follow manifestation for a long period of time, then you can keep a book dedicated for manifestation.

Now, write the title as, ” I want rain”. Then, write these 4 questions.

  • Why do I want to manifest rain?
  • When do I want to manifest rain?
  • Where do I want rain to fall?
  • How do I want rain to fall?

Then you can answer these 4 questions. Be honest and true to your heart. If you want rain to fall lightly, then write it under how. If you want to rain on the next Monday, then write it under when.

Step 02: Using Scripting Manifestation

Scripting manifestation is a common manifestation method. This method is used commonly because of its effectiveness. So, how can you use scripting manifestation to manifest rain?

Take your manifestation book. Then in a new section, write the title as I like rain. Then you need to write all the reasons why you want rain to happen. Keep in mind that, you need to write these things as detailed as possible.

The smell you like, the time period, how your neighborhood looks like, how the sky looks like, how the rain drops fall on to your window. Write all the small details as possible.

Take your time for this task. Write all your likes.

Once you are done writing this long essay type section, you need to read it.

Using visualization to manifest rain
Using visualization to manifest rain

Step 03: Visualizing Rain and How it Feels

Visualization is another major aspect of law of attraction and manifestation. You need to perfect this step to manifest anything successfully.

But before moving on to this section, you need to get prepared.

First, you need to get relaxed. You can try drinking some relaxing tea.

Then you need to engage in some meditation. Ideally, the best meditation type for this scenario is breathing meditation. Meditate for at least 30 minutes.

Now, sit in a comfortable position.

You need to visualize all the things that you have written in your manifestation book. Not the writing. I mean the things you meant in your writing. Think about how the rain will make you feel. How your family members enjoy rain. How the sky looks like, how the lighting patterns look like. All the things that happen during your desired rain session.

You need to visualize as perfect as possible. Try to engage in this session for at least 30 minutes.

Manifesting Rain Fast : Bonus Step

Manifesting anything is not a one-night process. Manifestation is a long-term thing. So, you need to practice these steps regularly. Ideally, you need to practice this at least once a day.

If you want to speed up the process of manifesting rain, then you can add affirmations to this process.

Affirmations are also a main aspect of manifestation.

To use affirmations, all you need is your manifestation book and a pen.

Write at least 50 affirmations. Then you need to recite them first thing when you wake up and once you are ready to sleep at night.

Do this step repeatedly, and you can speed up the process of manifesting rain.

Affirmations to manifest rain
Affirmations to manifest rain

Affirmations to manifest rain

  • I love the noise rain makes.
  • I’m going to sit in my balcony when it rains today.
  • Rain is healing me every time.
  • I love the rain as it makes my surrounding full of life.
  • Skies are going to be full of rain today.
  • Today is an amazing day to receive rainfall.
Manifest rain in 10 minutes


How to manifest rain Is a 3-step, simple process. Follow this process regularly to manifest rain of your desires. Be confident in this method and believe In the process.

Be thankful for the universe for providing rain and be happy.

Happy manifesting.

Why Manifest Rain

If you are a person who enjoys rain and uses it as a getaway mechanism, then you can manifest rain. Furthermore, if you want to relax and see the beauty, hear the white noise, then again you can manifest rain. Follow the above 3-step process to manifest a rainfall within a few days.

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