Simple and Effective Way on How to Manifest on Paper

How To Manifest On Paper by Zenspiree

Manifesting on paper is a simple method to bring our desires into life. Even though it is simple to manifest something using manifesting on paper, there are number of wrongful ways people use this method. Before learning how to manifesting on paper, Let’s look into what is manifestation and the way behind it.

What is Manifestation

What is manifestation? Well, I’m guessing that you already know what is manifestation. Simply, manifestation is bringing your desires into life. The most common questions I get asked is does manifestation work? And how to manifest?

So, does manifestation work? Well, in short, it depends on the mindset of the user. Let’s have a look at how to prepare your mindset to make manifestation work.

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How to Manifest on Paper: Preparing the Manifestation

Preparing physically for manifestation is easy but preparing your mindset is bit difficult. I’m going to talk about both these aspects of manifestation in here, first lets see how we can prepare physically for manifesting on paper.

Preparing physically for Manifestation

This preparation is easy. The best way to start your manifestation is wait until you are alone at your comfort zone. Finish all of your daily chores and take a pen/pencil and since we are learning how to manifest on paper, take a piece of paper. I’m a regular practitioner of scripting manifestation. So, I have a self-crafted book for my manifestations. It’s better to collect your manifestation scripts for future use so find a book.

That’s it. Now, sit down in a comfortable place in a comfortable position. For me, my comfortable place is my garden. I use a picnic cloth and sit on it. I have small table and I use it as support for writing on the book.

So easy right. Now, Let’s move on to the hard part. Preparing your mindset for manifesting on paper.

Preparing Your Mindset for Manifesting on Paper

Most people think, manifestation as a genie or a wish granting service. Some people think manifestation is making our luck work. Well, no. Manifestation is a process of letting the universe know of our desires. Letting our vibrational energy communicate with the universe. This is not magic. Have you ever heard the phrase, “what we do, we attract”? It’s exactly this. This process is like a horse carriage. Where the horse goes, the carriage follows. At some point we get to meet what we did. You all know this by the term “Karma”.

Karma and Manifestation

Yes, karma and manifestation go together. How you may ask? In manifestation, we have to give to attract what we want right? So, we did a good deed and we will receive a gift for our good karma.

In order to learn on how to manifest on paper, we need to make our vibrational energy rise. So, how can we prepare our mindset to let our vibrational energy reach the universe? Like mediation, we need to clear our mind first. To do that, you can listen to relaxation music, drink relaxing tea or engage in some basic breathing meditation.

Once your mind is relaxed, oh wait! How do you know your mind is relaxed? If you are not thinking about the things you have to do? Or the things people said to you. Then you are free from all the distractions. Okey, now you are relaxed and ready to learn how to manifest on paper.

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How To Manifest on Paper?

It’s easy, manifest on paper, all you have to do is write your manifestation scripts on a paper or on your manifestation book. However, there are specific ways you need to write these manifestation scripts for a successful manifestation session.

First take your manifestation book or piece of paper. Now, think about your future goals and list them on your book under my goals. Now take each goal separately and think about the process of reaching that goal. Think about the steps that you need to do daily to achieve it.

For example, let’s say I have written my ultimate goal to get rich. In order to get rich, first I need to get a job, or start a business right. So, write your sub goal. So, let’s say your goal is to start a business. Now think about your business plan. First you need to find a location for your business, hire staff, advertising.  It’s a massive project right.

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The most common and the biggest mistake people do when manifesting on paper is write their manifestation as “I Will get rich fast” or “I will get rich fast from my successful business”. So, what is the issue with these kinds of manifestation?

The most important thing you have to learn on how to manifest on paper is to set realistic manifestation goals. Otherwise, you will not believe on them.

Correct Way to How to Manifest on Paper?

So, how to set realistic manifestations? Let’s take the same example. If you want to build a successful business, rather than manifesting for a successful business at once set your manifestations like “the location for my business is perfect” or “staff is doing amazing job for my business”. See the difference?

Let’s say you rented a building for your business yesterday and today you are writing your manifestations on paper. You can write your manifestation script like “The location I rented is a money magnet” or “The location is perfect and I’m lucky to get a building like that”

This way, your inner self starts believing on your manifestation script, and it will increase your vibrational energy.

Important Tips for How to Manifest on Paper?

  • Always try and write your manifestations in present tense.
  • Write believable/realistic manifestation scripts.
  • Show gratitude in your manifestation scripts.
  • Set a long-term goal and write manifestations on how to achieve them.
  • While writing imagine you are achieving these desires.
  • Don’t set harmful manifestation, they don’t work.
  • Try and be helpful to others in your manifestation.
  • Regularly write and read your manifestation.
  • Keep focused and work hard for your goals. Don’t be lazy.

Best time and position for Manifesting on Paper?

Another imported question I get asked is if there is a good time for writing manifestations on paper and is there a good position for this task? Well, in simple terms, yes. There is a perfect time and position for writing your manifestation on a paper, and it differs from one to another.

How do the position and time differ from one to another? There is no fancy position or a fancy time like, 11:11 or 3:33. All you have to do is find the most relaxing time for you. The best time for me to relax is in the morning. So, I go to my garden and relax myself first thing in the morning. And the answer to what is the best position is also the same. Find the best position that helps you to relax more. For example, if you find comfort in standing up rather than sitting down, then the best position for manifesting on paper is standing up. This is because you won’t get distracted due to back pain or any pain since you are already in your most comfortable position. And also, don’t stay in the same position because you will feel discomfort if you do.

This is how you can manifest on paper easily. If you have any questions, please email me to and I will try to send a quick reply. If you need to learn more about manifestation and meditation, check out zenspiree’s other articles. They might change your life. As always, stay healthy and may you find your inner peace.

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