How to Manifest a Pregnancy

How to Manifest a Pregnancy | Everything You Need to Know

Manifestation is a wonderful process where you can bring desires into a reality. So, can it be used to manifest being pregnant? The short answer is yes, you can use manifestation and law of attraction to be pregnant if you follow a plan. In this article, we are going to learn how to manifest a pregnancy.

Pregnancy manifestation method

Manifesting your pregnancy is a 3-step process. You have to understand what you want, then see your self being pregnant and finally, you have to stop your limiting beliefs. Then the rest will be automatically done by the universe.

Let’s dive into these 3 steps to understand how you can master them.

Using scripting manifestation to define what you want and why you want

In this first step, you have to completely aware of your desires. Just take some time and think what you want exactly. Be realistic and true to your heart.

Then, take your manifestation book, and if you don’t have a manifestation book, you can use a piece of paper. Then write the desire you want as the heading, but you have to write like that you already achieved it.

For an example, you could write “I am Pregnant with love of my life”.

Then you need to list down all the aspect of your pregnancy.

  • When did the pregnancy happen.
  • How your pregnancy is going to go.
  • The feelings, the pain and moments of happiness.
  • The last day of your pregnancy and the birth of your child.
  • How your husband is going to treat you.

You need to write everything about your pregnancy. But the key here is to write them as it is a definite thing. When you are writing these scriptures, you need to imagine these things in your mind. Enjoy the joy of these imaginations and write all the details of your imaginations.

Visualizing yourself being pregnant
Visualizing yourself being pregnant

Visualizing yourself being pregnant

Once you are done with the scriptures, you can move onto the second step. This is the step where you have to put more time. Remember the imaginations from the first step? Yes, these are the visualizations that you need to do more.

First, visualizing is hard to keep focus. Your mind is going to roam when you are doing this. That’s why you need to relax your mind from distractions. There are few techniques that I have used to avoid or at least minimize these distractions.

  1. Engage in breathing meditation exercises.
  2. Listing to relaxing music before visualization sessions.
  3. Drinking relaxing tea to ready your physical body.

Visualization is not a one-time step. You need to perform this until you are pregnant. So, try to dedicate some time daily to perform this step. Now let’s see how you can engage in visualization sessions to manifest your pregnancy.

Sit down or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Start visualizing yourself being pregnant. If you want a start, then you can visualize the scriptures you wrote. Once your mind starts thinking about them, let it flow. Don’t try to force it. Eventually, you will visualize yourself being with a beautiful baby.

Continue these sessions daily to experience positive results.

Letting go of your negative beliefs

Finally, letting go of your limiting beliefs. This is actually a little bit hard. Probably the hardest step to achieve. To overcome these limiting beliefs, you need to be positive and motivated. There are a number of things that you can do to overcome limiting beliefs.

For example, you can recite affirmations to manifest a pregnancy. This will help you to get motived and start believing that you are able to manifest being pregnant.

Ways to overcome limiting beliefs to manifest a pregnancy.

  • Reciting affirmations daily.
  • Putting up vision boards/dream boards.
  • Asking your partner to keep you motivated.
  • Start acting like you are pregnant with your baby.

This step is important as when you are doing scripting and visualization manifestation, you will experience these negative and limiting beliefs. Your mind will tell that you cannot get pregnant, you are not capable of being a mother and so on. But eventually, when you follow these techniques, your mind will start believing that you can and that you are.

Law of attraction pregnancy affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to let your mind know that you can manifest being pregnant. First, you need to prepare a list of affirmations. Then you need to read them daily. The more times you read them will help your mind to let go of these negativities.

Usually, I read my affirmations first thing in the morning and when I’m going to bed at night. You will only require few minutes to do this.

Affirmations for Your Pregnancy
Affirmations for Your Pregnancy

Affirmations to manifest a pregnancy

  • “My pregnant body is beautiful.”
  • “My body is designed to nourish my baby.”
  • “I am excited about the changes in my body.”
  • “In my life, I have been gifted with an abundance of love and connection.”
  • “Me and my baby are strong together.”
  • “I am ready for my bundle of joy”
  • “I am ready to give birth to my baby”
  • “In a variety of ways, the universe showers me with love and connection”
  • “I have all the resources to give birth to my baby”
  • “I have everything, and I’m attracting everything to give birth”
  • “My baby is loved.”
  • “My baby is waiting for the perfect timing”
  • “I experience miracles in my life all the time”
  • “I welcome my baby boy/girl when they are ready”
  • “My pregnancy is fulfilling all my needs”
  • “I’m blessed with my pregnancy”
  • “Everything I want is coming to me”
  • “My husband already loves my baby so much”
  • “I have always wanted to be a mother”

Can you manifest what your baby is going to look like

Yes, you can manifest what your baby is going to look like. This can be done when you are scripting and visualizing.

When you are writing your scriptures, you can include how your baby is going to look and behave. Simply, include them in your scriptures. For example,

  • My baby is having blue eyes.
  • Love of my life is going to be a great scientist.
  • My baby is a boy, and he is having the same hair as his father.
  • I love how my baby smiles.

Even when you are visualizing your pregnancy, you can visualize further to imagine how your baby is going to look like. Just engage in visualization manifestation more and let your mind flow further.

Another way to manifest what your baby is going to look like is by placing baby images around the house when you are pregnant. The trick here is to place images that you want your baby to look like.

How do you manifest becoming pregnant

How to manifest twin pregnancy

Similar to manifesting a pregnancy, you can manifest twins using the same method. You only need to include that you are expecting twins. It is very much possible to manifest twins, but you need to be on point with your scriptures and visualization sessions and the hardest part is letting go of your limiting beliefs. If you want to learn more about manifesting twins, you can read the guide below.

Manifesting twins | Can you do it | Everything you need to know

So, take note of everything we talked about. Most importantly, trust yourself, never let your negative beliefs conquer your mind. Stay positive and Happy manifesting!

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