how to manifest a lover

How to Manifest a Lover in 3 Simple Steps

Can we manifest a lover using manifestation techniques?

The main question we have about manifesting a lover is, whether we can manifest a lover using manifestation techniques? Well, the answer to that question is yes, yes, we can. So, how can we manifest a lover using law of attraction techniques?

Before learning how to manifest a lover we need to take a deeper dive into manifestation. What is manifestation? Simply, manifestation is the processes of bringing our desires into life. So, that easy right? Well, it depends on how our vibrational energy behave.

What is vibrational energy?

Well, when we were children and want something, what do we do? Obviously, we ask it from our parents, right? Similarly, when we need something now, we need to ask it from the universe. Woah. Now we have a problem? How can we ask something from the universe, we can’t talk to universe?

Talking is a way of communication. Same as talking vibrations are also a way of communication. Vibrations are the best and only way to communicate with the universe. So, in order to communicate easily we need strong vibrational energy. How can we increase our vibrational energy?

Vibrational energy can be increased using law of attraction methods. What are law of attraction methods? There are lots of techniques like scripting, affirmations, visualization, vision boards, gratitude, and helpfulness etc. So, how can we manifest our dream lover using these manifestation techniques?

Why you need to manifest a lover?

Before trying to manifest a lover, first we need to understand why we need to manifest a lover? So, why? Take some time and think to yourself. Do you really want to commit into a relationship right now? Why do you want someone to love? First take a piece of paper and write answers to these questions.

Most of the time people try to manifest desires which they really do not want. First rule of manifesting is, you must really desire something deeply. So, once you write these answers, you will feel whether you really want to manifest a lover or not.

Let’s say you are so sure that you really want someone to care and love. Let’s see how you can manifest a lover and how long does this process take?

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How Long does it take to manifest a lover?

Manifestation is not a something that can be done overnight. Even manifestation masters take days to manifest something. So, remember to let the time work.

Okay, now we know this process takes time. But how long exactly? There is no exact time periods for manifestation process. Some manifest desires within hours, and some desires takes months or years. Dedication and determination are the keys to manifesting your lover.

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How to manifest a lover in 3 steps

Finally, let’s see how we can manifest a lover in three simple steps? Well, this kind of manifestation is based on how far you can visualize. The more you are able to visualize the more you will be able to manifest your lover fast. As I mentioned before, there are 3 steps to this process,

  1. Using scriptures to manifest your lover
  2. Visualizing your lover
  3. Behaving and building yourself

Now let’s take each step individually and see how you can finish each step.

Using scripting manifestation to manifest a lover

The first step of manifesting your lover is through scriptures and scripting manifestation. This process is quite easy and all you need is a relaxed mind and a relaxed environment.

First, you need to relax yourself. For that you can listen to some relaxing music, drink calm and relaxing tea or engage in some meditation. Now, sit down in a relaxing place and take a piece of paper. Divide your scriptures into 2 sections as below,

  1. Scripting his/her looks
  2. Scripting his/her likings and behaviors

Now let’s look at these two sections separately.

Scripting his/her looks

In this first section, all you have to do is write about his/her look. How his/her hair looks like, how tall he/she is going to be etc. it’s quite simple but people make mistakes in this step also.

Common mistakes of scripting how he/she will look

  • The most common mistake people doing is not being realistic
  • Scripting other people’s desired lover, be original and honest
  • Not writing in detailed scriptures.

Example scriptures of how he/she will look

  • Her hair is black and length up to her waist.
  • He is 6.1 in height and will have a weight around 90kg.
  • She is pretty when she wears color red.
  • She has dark brown eyes and looks so pretty when she put her glasses.
  • He has strong and buff arms and looks so strong.

Similarly, you have to write down at least 20 scriptures on how he or she will look alike. The more you write, the more you will able to manifest your desired boyfriend or girlfriend.

Scripting his/her likings and behaviors

The second stage of first step is to script her/his likings and behaviors. This will aid you to manifest your desired lover fast since you have a good idea on how he or she behaves.

Similar to writing scriptures on his/her looks, you have to write at least 20 scripts on how he or she behaves.

This method is so effective when you can include yourself in these scriptures. You can include your feelings here.

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Example scriptures on his/her likings and behaviors

  • She is so gentle when she is around kids.
  • He likes to help innocent people more than anything.
  • I like how she treats me when I’m tired and exhausted from my work.
  • I’m going to make pasta as it is the favorite food when he comes home after work.
  • She likes horror movies yet she gets so scared and hold me when watching them.

Always try to include you in these scriptures to manifest your desired lover, boyfriend, girlfriend fast. And remember to put emotions and feelings to these writings. write how you feel when he or she is doing these things or how you feel about his/her behaviors.

Visualizing how he/she looks

Now, you have a great idea on how your lover will look alike right? If you have done the first step with dedication, you will have at least 40 or more scriptures on how he/she looks like and behaves.

Now its time to visualize these scriptures. First you need to memorize these writings. for at least 10 days, read these writings at least twice a day. The best way is to read them once you wake up and when you are going to sleep at night. These times are best for manifesting a lover since these times are full of emotions and your mind is empty.

After few days, you will have a good memory about these scriptures on how to manifest your boyfriend or girlfriend. Now, allocate a free time for your visualization session. Ideally, it’s better to have at least 1 session per day for visualization.

Relax your mind. Engage in some breathing meditation. Now, sit in a comfortable position. Think about those scriptures. Try and visualize. For an example, if you have written about how he smiles will look alike. Think about it, visualize your lover smiling and laughing. You will slightly hear her laugh like a dream. Similarly, try and visualize tiny details of that scripture.

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Important tips when visualizing your lover

  • Be honest and realistic
  • Try and visualize only one aspect(script) a day.
  • Do in depth and visualize tiny details.
  • For a better session, try and visualize when you are going to sleep at night.
  • Appreciate your visualizations and feel how you are reacting to these visualizations.
  • Visualize regularly to improve your vibrational energy.

Building yourself to his/her liking

Okay, now you are ready for the third and final stage of manifesting your lover. So, what does build yourself means. Well, this stage is quite easy once you have an idea.

Let’s say your desired lover have a great taste for sports cars. So, what is the best way you can attract your lover? Having a sports car, right?

Don’t get me wrong. Its not about having money. It can be a simple thing such as getting a pet goldfish or drinking coffee. It depends on what you have written on your scriptures and your visualizations. After all these scriptures and visualizations are your desires right.

So, let’s say you have written she/he likes dogs. Oh, I forgot to mention, don’t like scriptures when you have a strong disliking factor. For example, if you are allergic, don’t write your scriptures as she/he likes dogs.

Let’s go back to the example again. Since she likes dogs, you have to train yourself to love dogs. Learn about dogs, what food they like, dog breeds and learn about dog competitions etc. so, once you begin to know a little, you will get feelings like, I should adopt a dog or I should go to next weeks dog competitions etc. well, that’s the moment you have being waiting for.

Do what your mind says because these feeling are coming from the universe. These feelings are coming because the universe heard your desire and it’s the universe calling you to grab it.

You might meet your lover in one of these events or you might meet someone that will eventually lead to your desired lover. so, make sure you answer these calls.

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