how to manifest a famous person

How to manifest a famous person

Manifesting Meeting a famous person is very easy, and it is very similar to manifesting a celebrity crush. In this article, you will find out how to manifest a famous person using 3 simple steps.

Can you manifest a famous person using law of attraction? The answer is yes, you can easily manifest meeting your favorite celebrity, but there are few things that you should learn before manifesting a famous person.

The 3 steps of manifesting a famous person

Like I mentioned before, manifesting a famous person can be done using 4 simple steps. Before you engage in these 3 steps, make sure you relax your mind by meditating.

Once you are relaxed and ready, you can start these 3 steps to manifest a famous person.

Be specific about who you want to manifest

The first step to any kind of manifestation is knowing what you want to manifest. You should have a clear idea about whom, what, when, why you want to manifest, otherwise you will end up manifesting unwanted things for your life.

Let’s say you want to manifest a famous person like Jonny Depp. The first thing you want to do is take a piece of paper or your manifestation book and write the topic as “I am going to meet Jonny Depp very soon” Then you want to write the details of the venue, how you would look like, how your famous person is going to look like, what he or she is going to say to your. How you want to take selfies and all the things that you might end up doing when you meet your famous person.

The key here is to write all the details about meeting your dream person. No detail is too small. So, make sure you write everything.

how to manifest a famous person
How to manifest a famous person

Visualize meeting your desired person

The second stage of manifesting meeting a famous person is to visualize all the details that you wrote on the first step.

Before starting your visualization session, make sure you are well relaxed and your mind is free from all the distractions.

To begin, go to a relaxing place and imagine meeting the famous person you want. Imagine how you two are going to talk. How he/she is going to treat you. You need to imagine these things like they already happened.

Make sure you do these at least 20 minutes a day. The more you visualize, the faster you are going to manifest meeting this famous person.

Don’t ignore the signs from the universe

The final and third stage of how to manifest meeting a famous person is not ignoring the signs. So, what do you mean by the signs?

Once you practice step 1 and step 2 for some time, you will start seeing signs from the universe. These signs can be small, so, make sure you keep an eye out.

For example, if you want to meet a famous person. You might see tickets for a concert or a play. If you get a strange feeling that you are going to meet your dream celebrity in this place, make sure you purchase these tickets and attend to that concert.

How to manifest meeting a famous person in 17 seconds


If you want to manifest a famous person, you should follow the above 3-step process on how to manifest a famous person. You need to keep in mind that practicing these 3 steps for a single day is not going to manifest your dream person. You need to play the long game here.

Make sure you meditate a lot and practice these 3 steps daily. You will manifest meeting your famous person. So, be confident in yourself and this method.

Happy manifesting!

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