Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them (Must Read)


Death is an unavoidable part of life. Whether it’s a loved one, a close friend, or a stranger we’ve never met, death is something everyone experiences in their way. So, the big question is can the dead people know or feel that we miss and love them?

Dead people can know we miss and love them because our thoughts and emotions are carried through energy frequency levels. Dead people can read these frequency levels. If you want to let them know your feelings, you can utilize these energy levels to communicate.

There are several thoughts about the dead, knowing how we feel about them in each belief. In this article, we will explore all these beliefs and how you can use different methods to let the dead know how you feel about them.

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Different beliefs about dead knowing how we feel about them?

Different beliefs about the dead, knowing how we feel about them?


In the general spiritual community, there is a strong belief that people become spirits after they die. They believe these spirits tend to look after us depending on our connection. Some spirits become negative influences, while some become guarding angles. These spirits follow us like a shadow; they can feel and act according to our thoughts. So, if we love or miss them, they will show us signs of their existence.


The Bible mentions that people are welcomed into the afterlife when dead. When there is a bond between you and the deceased person, it is said that they look after you. They become a guarding angle for you and help you on your journey.

Some people believe that they can talk to the deceased people. Sometimes in the Bible, people talk to people in the afterlife. So, biblically, it is believed that the dead knows we miss and love them.


Do the dead know we miss and love them in Islam? In Islam, it is believed that once a person passes away, their soul enters the Barzakh, an intermediate stage between earthly life and the Day of Judgment.

The Quran indicates that the deceased is aware of the actions and emotions of the living to some extent, including expressions of love and grief. However, they are unable to respond or communicate with the living actively.

According to Quranic teachings, “You cannot make the dead hear” (Quran 27:80). This verse emphasizes the separation between the realms of the living and the dead. While it is natural to feel love and miss those who have passed away, these sentiments are meant for personal healing and remembrance rather than a means of directly reaching the deceased.

Islam encourages believers to fulfill their obligations towards the living, such as showing kindness, compassion, and love to family, friends, and community members. The emphasis is on strengthening our relationships with the living rather than attempting to establish connections with the deceased.

While the deceased may know our actions and emotions, they cannot actively engage or respond to our feelings. Instead, honor their memory, pray for their well-being, and invest in nurturing our relationships with the living. Doing so will fulfill obligations and demonstrate our love for the living and the deceased.


In Buddhism, it is believed that when people die, they roam around the Earth for some time until the soul finds its next reincarnation. While this happens, these beings can feel our thoughts and tend to attach to their old life. In this period, the dead can know our feeling towards them.

Once the dead take their next form of life, they stop feeling our thoughts, and their old memory fades away. But there are some instances where people speak about their old lives and express how their relatives think about their death.

Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them

How to let the dead know our feelings?

When a loved one passes, it may be difficult, and many people strongly desire to stay in touch with the person who passed away.

Many spiritual traditions offer practices and rituals that are thought to help close the gap between the living and the dead, despite the idea that communicating with the dead may seem absurd to some. There are methods to express our feelings to the deceased and stay connected to them, whether via prayer, meditation, or other spiritual activities.

Simple ways to let the dead know how we feel about them

One way to let the deceased know we miss them is by creating a memorial or cemetery plot in their memory. This can be a beautiful reminder of their life and what they meant to us.

It’s also important to keep in touch with the dead. Sending flowers or letters can show them that we’re still thinking about them. And if we want to ask them about something specific about their life before they pass away, writing a letter can help facilitate this communication.

Other than these simple methods, there are ways to let the dead know we miss and still love them.

To let someone know of our feelings, we need to express them. Similarly, we must connect to the correct frequency to let the dead know we miss them. So, how can we click to the right frequency to let our emotions out?

Well, there are two methods that you can use to let the dead know how we feel about them.

Method 01: Visualizing speaking to them

As you can understand from the heading, we will use visualization to communicate with the dead person. This method is very effective if the deceased is a close person to you. Let’s see how you can utilize visualization.

Visualization is a part of manifestation. In this method, we will visualize ourselves talking to a spiritual being. To begin, go to a dark place and lie in a comfortable position.

Now you must close your eyes and visualize yourself entering the spirit’s realm. Imagine yourself approaching the deceased person. Visualize yourself speaking to that person.

Now, tell everything that you need to let out. Express your feelings towards them, and tell them how they are missed. Tell them how they will remain in your memory forever. And finally, ask them to stay by your life and look after you.

Once you are done with this session, drink some tea and engage in breathing meditation sessions. Relax and control yourself.

You must repeat this method several times to let the dead person know your love for them and how they are missed.

Method 02: Meditating under candlelight method

Same as before, go to your relaxing place. The only source of light should be these candles. Take one big candle and place it in front of you.

Now sit comfortably and look into the candle’s flame before you. Think of the person who you want to talk to.

Now all you have to do is talk to them. Like the first method, you must let them know your feelings.

Engage in this session for a few days until you see that person’s face in the flame. If you can see their face, they got your message.

After you see their face, you can stop doing this method and carry on with your life. Remember, you need to let go of these sessions after these sessions. Don’t focus your life on them. It is not good for your vibrational energy.

Do Loved Ones Know When You Visit Their Grave?

Do the loved ones in heaven remember and miss us?

Yes, the loved ones in heaven remember and miss us very much. They are so grateful for all the good we did while we were alive, especially for the moments we could spend with them on this Earth. They know our love for them was real and heartfelt, even if we didn’t always show it in the physical world.

They also know that we will continue to love them even though we aren’t physically together anymore. We are all connected somehow, and as long as we remember and care about each other, our connection will never wane.

How long after someone dies can they hear you?

How long after someone dies can they hear you?

When someone dies, their brain and nervous system shuts down. Although the person is physically gone, their mind and emotions are still alive. According to some studies, it may be possible for a deceased person to hear you if you speak softly and slowly enough. If the person is near a loved one who is grieving, they may be able to sense their love and support.

Can the dead send messages?

There is a belief that the dead can send messages to the living. Some believe this because of a sense of unfinished business or as a way to connect with those they have left behind. Others think it’s simply because the dead are still connected to what lies beyond our physical realm and thus can see and hear what’s happening in the world.

While it’s unclear if this is truly possible, some people believe that communication between the living and deceased is possible through Ouija boards and other spirit mediums. No matter how you look at it, there seems to be some element of belief surrounding this topic that accounts for its popularity.

What are the signs from deceased loved ones?

There are many signs that deceased loved ones know we miss and love them. Some of the most common signs are:

1. Sudden changes in mood or behavior – grieving families often experience a sudden change in their loved one’s attitude or behavior, usually becoming more withdrawn or sad.

2. unexplained activity – family members may notice an increase in unexplained activity around the home, such as rearranging furniture or moving objects around.

3. flowers or tokens left at the grave site – grieving families often leave flowers or tokens at the grave site to show their appreciation for the deceased’s contributions to their lives.

4. messages left on behalf of the deceased – sometimes bereaved family members will write letters or leave messages on behalf of their loved one, expressing how much they missed them and still love them.

Are the people who died presently in our lives?

Yes, there is a chance of dead people living among us. But to see or be scared of them, you have to have low vibrational energy. Living beings carry an energy level, we improve our energy levels, and when doing negative things, we make our energy levels negative. This is the basic principle of the law of attraction. We attract things based on our energy level.

So, if you possess a negative energy level, you might attract negative energy beings to your life. This will result in making your life a mess. Like so if we possess a well-balanced energy level, we attract things. This is done by the spiritual beings that we draw. So, if you still want to communicate with someone who died, ensure you have a good vibrational energy level.

Do the dead people visit us on earth?

Do the dead people visit us on Earth?

Yes, the dead can visit us on Earth. The only thing is they cannot visit us using a physical form. They only can use their spiritual body. They can leave us signs that they came to visit us. But don’t expect a sudden visit from a deceased loved one, as it is highly unlikely due to the universe’s rules.

Although coming to see you physically, there are some ways the dead can visit you. If you start seeing signs like these, there can be a chance of a deceased person visiting you in their spiritual form.

Does the person know they are dead?

Yes, people do know when they die. This is because when our physical body gives up on life, our consciousness, or energy, leaves our body. The dead person’s consciousness will see their physical body lying dead. There are so many out-of-body experiences reported in many countries. So, in summary, the person will know they have died instantly.

Although there are no conclusive scientific explanations, many people find comfort in the idea that their deceased loved ones are still connected to them and aware of their emotions. There are methods to keep a sense of intimacy and contact with individuals who have passed away, whether through prayer, meditation, or other spiritual connections. Ultimately, each person’s perception of loss and beliefs about the afterlife are distinct. Thus, it is up to each person to research these concepts and discover their sense of peace and purpose in the face of loss.

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