Do Loved Ones Know When You Visit Their Grave

Do Loved Ones Know When You Visit Their Grave?

We all have the ones that we love the most in our life, and that love does not get old even after they have died. We won’t stop remembering the dead ones when they are gone, it takes a lifetime for the memories to fade out. Finally, the good memories we had with them fade out with our death, and remembering the good things that they’ve done, and given to us is the best thing that we can do for them.

But, do loved ones know when you visit their grave? Why don’t they? They will surely know when you visit their graves because what we called death is death by only physical means and spirituality does not die, and it stays forever.

So when you remember them, and you visit their grave, they see and feel that you are still thinking about them. In my life, I have visited my loved one’s graves many times, and I felt like someone was looking at me, and I thought that is the soul of the one whom I’m visiting the grave.

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When someone dies, can they come back to see you
When someone dies, can they come back to see you

When someone dies, can they come back to see you?

As I mentioned, the soul of a person does not die or fade away after death, that soul can stay anywhere around us. So yes, in most cases, the dead ones come back to see you, but as they do not have a physical body, then they will not be able to touch or speak with you.

So you will not be able to see they’re coming, and in almost all cases you will not even sense that they came.

But if you develop your mind to a great level using yoga or any other kind of practice, sometimes, you will be able to see them and don’t forget that they are everywhere, and the difference is we can’t see them, but they can see us.

But after someone died, do not wait for that person to come, and do not waste your time thinking that he/she will come back to you by any means. Just do what you can do for him, or the dead person’s family, and remember the good things that person had. That is the only thing I recommend to you.

Is it bad to go to the cemetery every day?

No, it is not. The cemetery is a good place to understand what real life is. So when you are in the cemetery, think that all the people who have already done was lived just like you, and tried to the best in the world by any means. But finally, they bought nothing when they come to the cemetery after death.

So what you have to do is be a better person, we know you are a good person, and we have no doubt, but be better, be a person who has love from the whole world, and one who spreads love to the whole world.

Being a good person with good and clean thoughts will make your life good, clean, and also beautiful within a short time, and when you lived such a lifetime, you have no regrets when you are old and close to death, and you can close your eyes as a free man with no regrets.

Do the dead know when we pray for them
Do the dead know when we pray for them

Do the dead know when we pray for them?

Yes, they will definitely know when you pray for the because the universe carries the energies we emit during praying to the soul of the dead one.

So it is one of the good ways to tell them that we remember them always, and you should not stop only praying, but you have to do good things in the name of the dead person to make sure he gets the best in the world of the dead.

In this case, you can help poor people, and donate things and money to organizations like share the meal or your local charities in the name of the dead person.

Similarly, if we use some methods like, candlelight meditation or visualize speaking to them method, we can let the deceased loved one’s know, that we miss and love them.

Does the bible say anything about visiting graves?

Multiple times in the Bible, it is stated that people visit graves. The three women who went to the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning are responsible for the most well-known account of visiting a grave. Salome, Mary the mother of James, and Mary Magdalene traveled with Joseph from Arimathea to the new tomb where Jesus was laid after being crucified.

Whether the bible has mentioned it or not, it is your responsibility to visit the grave of your loved ones and tell them that you remember them always, and you do good things in their names to make sure they live a good life after death.

When someone dies, can they come back to see you? Notice these signs

What does the bible say about cleaning graves?

I did not find anything related to cleaning graves in the bible. But I think cleaning the graves is a good way to say that you remember them, and on the other hand, nothing happens when you do not clean the graves because they do not live in or around the grave after the death.

What does Islam say about visiting graves?

In Islam, paying a visit to a grave serves as a time for reflection and a reminder of both life and death. It also serves as a way to remember the deceased person’s good deeds and character traits.

Why do people bring flowers to the graveyard?

When the ancient Greeks would pay tribute to slain soldiers, the custom of leaving flowers at graves first emerged thousands of years ago.
They thought that if flowers grew from the graveside and were rooted into the ground, it meant that the deceased had attained peace.

What can you not do at a cemetery?

No rolling around on the ground, shouting, or running. Children’s games have no place here. Playing on any of the monuments is prohibited. Even though it’s beneficial to get kids used to pay their respects at cemeteries, they frequently don’t fully comprehend the significance of everything there.

What does a penny on a grave mean?

A penny indicates that you came. A nickel indicates that you attended boot camp with the deceased veteran.
A dime indicates that you and the deceased veteran served in some capacity together. A quarter has great significance because it proves you were present when the veteran passed away


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