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Christmas Affirmation of Faith

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. There are many reasons to for being happy on Christmas. Having faith in Christmas is perfect in this wonderful season. There are many benefits and advantages of having faith in Christmas. So, let’s have a look into using affirmations to have faith in Christmas and what is Christmas affirmation of faith?

Christmas affirmation of faith?

What is Christmas affirmation of faith? Well, there is no one right answer for this. Having faith in Christmas is the simple term for this but there is a deeper understanding to Christmas affirmation of faith.

Having faith in Christmas and the light is great for many reasons. Not only to support our lives but also to have confidence in what we do. We will be guided well when we have faith in Christmas.

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Christmas Affirmation of Faith
Christmas Affirmation of Faith

Benefits of Christmas affirmation of faith

Well, there is not limit to benefits of Christmas affirmation of faith. There are so many untold secret benefits. The main benefit is the guidance to lead a wonderful, joyful life without sin and misery.

I will list few more benefits of Christmas affirmation of faith below,

  • Get confidence in our work and life
  • Leading a joyful life without stress and anxiety
  • Make people around you happy by giving them hope in Christmas
  • Make people love you as a person
  • Celebrate Christmas season with energy

As I mentioned before, there are unlimited number of benefits if you lead your Christmas season with faith affirmations. So, make sure you follow good Christmas affirmation of faith.

Finding the Perfect Christmas Spirit

Take this time for yourself while you read for the time being. Grab a warm beverage, turn on your favorite instrumental Christmas soundtrack, and maybe light a candle before settling into a nice seat. Make some time for yourself when you don’t have to perform. Me-time isn’t selfish, but if you’re struggling with it, indulge in a selfish tidbit.

Invite Jesus into your home to speak to your heart and brighten your soul. The difficulties of the day may not be erased, but no one is the same after spending time with their Creator! So bear with us as we dust off an old Christmas hymn, look beyond the customary parts, and allow the Holy Spirit to breathe fresh life into your tired heart via this holiday devotional and the Christmas affirmations of faith that follow.

Christmas Affirmation of Faith
4 Perfect Christmas Affirmation of Faith

Prayer for Christmas Faith

Last Christmas, I composed a different kind of Christmas Carol Devotional based on Zechariah and Mary’s songs as they delighted in the Promise of Christmas. The most well-known parts of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” pulled at my heart “o’er and o’er” during the writing process. I’ve always appreciated classic Christmas hymns, but it wasn’t until that writing time that I realized they were also lovely expressions of devotion.

Perhaps, like Zechariah, my dedication had become habitual.

I was astounded when I discovered the entire words to this traditional carol. Every sentence is filled with significance, directing us to appropriately anticipate Christmas and rekindle our hope and pleasure! I hope it illuminates the path for you like it did for me.

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The Wonder of Christ’s Love

Before continuing, stop and pray, asking God to renew your faith in Christ’s love and its unrivaled ability to heal a hurting heart.

This Christmas devotional will remind your spirit of why we celebrate and urge you to bring your sacrifice of praise!

4 Christmas Affirmation of Faith Prayers

  • God, please give life to your Living Word in my heart. Stamp out and bruise everything in me that might oppose your flawless methods. Never let me take my access to you for granted! May my whole life be dedicated to you and your honor.
  • God, bind my heart to yours and remind me who you are without limit. Demonstrate your ability to bring all things to life. We obtain mystic unity, holistic union, and righteous confederation with our Supreme God via Jesus.
  • Come, God, formed in your image, and complete the process of birthing Everlasting Life. Now allow us to mirror you in body, mind, and soul. Remove any self-absorbed components. In its place, stamp your picture! What was made of dust involves death, but what is made of your spirit generates Life and Undying Love.
  • Allow me to reacquaint myself with you. Restore whatever that has been lost. Allow me to accurately portray You. Put yourself into everything and completely alter me! I believe in you and wish you the best this season and always.

Amen and Amen.

Christmas Affirmation of Faith
30+ Affirmations for Christmas

4 Powerful Christmas Affirmations of Faith

Here’s a fantastic faith affirmation that would be perfect and powerful for the Christmas season.

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Number 01: Christmas Affirmations of Faith

We believe that God has arrived to us in the form of a child, making our helplessness his strength, ensuring our salvation by becoming one of us, providing us with a trustworthy savior, and filling our souls with enjoyment to be shared each other.

We know that God has brought fairness and peace into the world, giving us a law that will be engraved on our hearts, elevating the cause of the downtrodden, announcing an eternal reign of peace, and overcoming the power of pain and suffering.

We believe that God invites us to announce Christ’s resurrection at the Table, changing us as disciples to go out into the world, sending us out to herald his kingdom of peace and comfort, pushing us to view everyone as nothing less than loving children.

This is what we believe.

This is what we preach.

This is what we strive to exemplify in both speech and behavior.

Number 02: Christmas Affirmations of Faith

God did not wait for the world to be ready, for countries to be at peace.

When the Heavens became shaky and captives called out for liberation, God appeared.

God did not wait for the ideal moment.

God arrived when there was a big need.

God ate with sinners in their filth and changed water into wine.

God did not wait for hearts to be pure.

God arrived to a tarnished world of sin and mistrust with gladness.

God came to a world like ours, full of tortured humiliation, and God’s Light would not be extinguished.

God came to a world that didn’t mesh to mend its tangles and hide it from derision.

The Creator of the stars was born in the mystery of the Word becoming Flesh.

We can’t wait till the world is rational to sing our songs joyfully.

God came with Love to share our sadness and to touch our pain: rejoice! Rejoice!

Number 03: Christmas Affirmations of Faith

We believe in God,

the creator and giver of life,

who brought all creation to birth,

who mothers us and fathers us,

protecting, nurturing,

and cherishing us.

We believe in Jesus Christ:

God born among us as a fragile baby,

embodying both love and the need for love,

and calling us to rest in God

as trustingly as a tiny child.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,

breathed into us at our birth,

always drawing us on to be born again,

encouraging, exhorting, comforting,

nourishing our growth

and inspiring our living.

We believe in the reconciliation

of the world to God, through Christ.

Hunted at birth

and humiliated at death,

Christ entered our fearful darkness

so that we might enter his glorious light

and share the life of his resurrection.

And we believe that each new child

is a glimpse of the face of God,

a sign of the life to come,

and a call to live in peace

and celebrate living together.

Glory to God in the highest,

and peace to God’s people on earth.


Christmas Affirmation of Faith
Christmas Affirmation of Faith

Number 04: Christmas Affirmations of Faith

As Christians, we believe in a God who created everything, including people, faiths, languages, beauty, and every hue of the rainbow. We believe in God, the creator and giver of life, who gave birth to all creation, who mother and father us, who guards, cares for, and treasures us.

We believe in Jesus Christ, God born among us as a fragile baby, representing both love and the need for love and inviting us to trust God like a newborn child does.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who was breathed into us at birth and is always motivating, exhorting, comforting, nourishing our growth, and inspiring our lives.

We accept in Christ’s reconciliation of the world to God.

Christ, who was tormented at birth and mocked at death, entered our fearful darkness so that we can enter his lovely light and share in his resurrected life.

And we believe that each new child is a glimpse of God’s face, a sign of life to come, and a summons to live together peacefully and joy.

Hallelujah to God in the heavens, and peace on earth to God’s people.


As Christians, we believe in a God who takes on human form, is born in a stable, and is a refugee with nowhere to sleep.

As Christians, we believe in a God who gives us the courage to welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, and love the stranger because we were strangers in Egypt.

This is who we are as Christians: people formed to love, to welcome the stranger, and to travel through God’s starry night and into the sunrise with all of God’s people.

50+ Christmas Affirmations of Faith

  1. My spirit believes it is definitely worth it!
  2. The light and love of God led me to my Friend and Savior.
  3. Jesus is aware of my every need. He loves me completely, even when I am weak.
  4. I made the decision to love myself and others.
  5. Love is God’s rule, and peace is his message.
  6. Jesus breaks all of my bonds and replaces them with pleasure and appreciation.
  7. I am now free to feel heavenly love, pleasure, and serenity.
  8. I tell my heart to repeat the joyful sound!
  9. God’s gifts pour past any barrier, forging fresh routes through old wounds.
  10. This season, my greatest objective is to prepare God’s chamber and experience the Wonders of Holy Love.
  11. This Christmas, I remember that God’s light triumphs over all darkness.
  12. The presence of God provides me comfort and calm.
  13. The plan was always to follow Jesus.
  14. I am at peace because I am aware of God’s order and design.
  15. I am able to relax throughout this hectic season.
  16. Even at the busiest of times, I make every effort to offer and accept genuine love.
  17. In my words, attitude, and deeds, I reflect God’s pure light.
  18. My heart feels at ease. My spirit is upbeat.
  19. Love’s pure brightness energizes me.
Christmas Affirmation of Faith
Christmas Affirmation of Faith
  1. I am a light in the darkness, and I will not be concealed.
  2. I am courageous, powerful, self-assured, and unstoppable.
  3. My heart is open to love, and my intellect is open to new ideas.
  4. Every day, I am more daring than the day before.
  5. Today, I choose pleasure over fear and serenity over worry.
  6. I’m not going to let guilt spoil my Christmas.
  7. Today, I will choose love over hatred.
  8. Christmas is a new beginning, and I’m taking advantage of it.
  9. I like the simple delights of Christmas.
  10. I expel tension while inhaling love and tranquility.
  11. This Christmas season has engulfed me in its splendor.
  12. I allow myself to be filled with the pleasure of the season.
  13. I breathe in love and exhale fear.
  14. The more I contribute, the happier I am.
  15. I am surrounded by individuals who adore me.

This season, I hope you encounter spiritual stirrings in unexpected places as you celebrate Emmanuel, God with us!

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