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Why do we need 5-minutes meditation?

In the present day, we work for at least 8 hours a day. In these 8 hours, we deal with unbearable stress, which will result in bad decision-making and regret. So, how can a 5-minute meditation guide help us? Let’s find out.

  • First let’s understand the advantages of meditation,
  • Meditation helps us to manage our stress
  • Meditation helps us to breathe better.
  • It enables us to focus on one single thing.
  • Ability to cure insomnia (Sleeplessness).
  • Improves our memory.
  • Promotes our blood circulation.
  • Meditation helps us to manage anxiety.
  • Gradually removes hatred from our thoughts.
  • Increases our self-awareness.
  • Unlocks the ability to control our emotions. Etc.

Other than these advantages meditation enables us with many skills that we require in our day-to-day life. So, okay. We all know about the advantages of meditation, but don’t we have to meditate for a long time to acquire these advantages? Yes, meditation requires lots of time, peaceful space, mindset, ambience and many more comforts that most of us cannot afford. Work, taking care of family, Cooking and busyness has taken over lives. So, is there a way that we could control our stress and anxiety?

5-Minute Meditation

Meditation is the only way of achieving inner peace and clearing our minds from stress and anxiety. Yes, as we discussed meditation require comforts that we cannot afford in our daily life. Fortunately, the meditation technique that I’m going to discuss in this article is only going to require 5 minutes of your time. Furthermore, this easy meditation method can be used anywhere, anytime and by anyone. So let’s jump right to it.

Selecting a place for 5-Minute Meditation

When meditating we need a calm place as we need to focus hard on our minds. So how can we find an ideal place when we are outside or when we are at work. 5-min meditation does not require any special place. We all can find someplace where we can sit. Just find a comfortable seat and put on a headset if available.

Selecting music for 5-Minute Meditation Guide

To easily calm my mind, I simply listen to relaxing music. So, how can we find better relaxing music suitable for meditation? You can use any kind of nature music, Yoga music or any ambient sounds for your liking. We will talk more about relaxing music for meditation in another article. If you have trouble finding calming music for your meditation, you can listen to Zenspiree ambient meditation music on YouTube. The video is attached below.

5-Minute Meditation Guide

As we found the ideal place and the music for our meditation, we can start our meditation process. 

  • First, Close your eyes.
  • Take 3 deep breaths. Let all your stress out.
  • Take another deep breath. This time feel the air entering through your nose. See how it how air moves through your body.
  • Feel the air filling your lungs.
  • Let it out slowly while focusing it leave through your mouth.
  • Repeat this process.
  • While repeating you might feel tightness or uneasiness in your body.
  • This phenomenon is normal. Let it flow. Do not stick to this uneasiness. 
  • Keep your focus on your breathing.
  • Sometimes, your mind will bring recent incidents to your mind. it may be an embarrassing, sad or uncomfortable moment. Keep in mind that this already happened and the past is past. Now you are living in the present moment. You are a new person.
  • Don’t stick to this memory, let it go. don’t think of alternative things you could have done to stop this scenario or don’t blame anyone. Just slowly bring your focus back to your breathing.
  • Take deep breaths and slowly let it out.
  • Finally, Open your eyes. U will feel more relaxed now. you are feeling joy inside you.
  • In your mind, be thankful for the universe, be thankful for nature, be thankful for today, be thankful for your family or your office, be thankful for your job. Your life is perfect. 
  • Now continue with your work.

How long should I repeat this?

As you have completed this 5-Minutes meditation, now you can continue with your regular work. This meditation technique will help you instantly, and you can feel the difference as you go on with your day. 
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Please keep in mind that, even though it helps you instantly, you have to regularly practice this method to improve long term results. I wish you all the best in your life. Keep meditating and be happy, enjoy your life to the fullest.
Watch our 5-minutes Meditation guide on the Zenspiree YouTube channel.

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